Background Checks

There are many different levels of background checks.

Yours may entail just a quick check to verify if a person is who they say they are or more in depth to verify what you have been told or to take a good look to protect yourself or business. We can do every level starting at $250.00.

A background check can be as simple as a quick Name, date of birth and residency check to a full blown background of a person once they became an adult, to determine assets, marriages, divorces, children, criminal and civil history, etc.,

Whether you are an employer, parent hiring a ‘Nanny”, capital investor or needing a background on a potential “person of interest” whether romantic or otherwise, we suggest you use the best source available, that is API.

So many people have called me after they wasted money on internet sources that provide a “complete” or “full” background for 29.99 or whatever ridiculous quote in that price range. Sure, some of the information they provide may verify identity, previous addresses, but In most cases, real assets, criminal/civil background, marriage/divorce history is simply not available that easily or that inexpensively. Basically, ”if it sounds to good to be true, it is”. I said it before and I say it again, that mantra applies to all things.

While employers use background checks as a due diligence to verify identity and criminal history, More and more consumers are using Background checks/searches to verify information about people who have or may come into their lives.

Whichever your situation is; Call me, Paul, at 781-828-3200, for a free and strictly confidential consult.